Waste Management

AMBIO provides a comprehensive range of waste management services. The Company delivers solutions for waste management strategies, including planning and design of recycling, processing and waste-to-energy facilities. Its innovative approach allows the return of long-term benefits to communities and the environment.

AMBIO’s team of waste and resource management experts delivers sustainable solutions to public and private sector clients. The professionals involved are committed to providing our clients with practical advice on all waste types, including municipal, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, and mining waste.

The Company identifies and develops unique and innovative concepts, which are market-driven, adopting cutting edge design and planning techniques. The team specializes in providing comprehensive business services that incorporate:

  • Development and review of waste policy and regulations
  • Audits and waste characterization
  • Waste management plans for public and private sector clients
  • Engineering services for recycling, processing, and waste disposal facilities
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and documentation of operational licenses
  • Project and Business Financing