Public Space

AMBIO’s multi-disciplinary teams work creatively and collaboratively with public and private institutions developers and the local community, providing technical expertise and innovative solutions, developing strategies and design proposals in order to upgrade and optimize public space, promoting urban and economic sustainability.

Design proposals may include interventions or total regenerations including town squares, parks, suburban forests, schools and schoolyards, playgrounds and public markets. The approach aims to aesthetically and functionally upgrade public space, highlighting the natural, architectural and cultural aspect of each project, ensuring accessibility for all social groups whilst applying International and European standards and practices.

AMBIO, as a development consultancy, offers a wide range of services, with the core activities presented in the following list:

  • Strategic planning
  • Architectural design
  • Public Space Activation
  • Market analysis
  • Operations and Business Planning
  • Structuring Partnerships
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Funding Solutions