Research & Development

Within the context of its operations, AMBIO conducts tailor made research and development.

Firstly, we help businesses develop next-generation R&D solutions. As R&D Consultants, we know that R&D is a never-ending challenge. So, as R&D partners, we can help your business capitalise on the next technological shift in your industry. You need the right R&D partnership to turn industry disruption into industry opportunity.

Usually, AMBIO invests dynamically in the application of innovative technologies in close collaboration with leading national and international research institutes. While it has also achieved regular communication with peer departments of collaborating companies. Also, particular emphasis is given to issues relating to fish production, natural resources and waste management.

So, AMBIO conducts research and development projects in the following fields:

  • Fish disease formulation & Fish feed evaluation
  • Farm raised product development
  • Development of: software management and monitoring tools, remote sensing systems & innovative waste management systems
  • Market research and development
  • Development of innovative energy saving systems