Who We Are

AMBIO S.A. was founded in 2005, to provide consultancy services focusing on the Primary Sector & Food Industry, the Environment, Energy and Tourism.

Through its accumulated experience and in-house generated know-how, the company boasts excellent knowledge of the needs and particularities of private and public entities. Its success lies on entrepreneurial spirit, fuelled by dynamic teamwork and collaboration, founded on trust and respect.

The Company’s goal is to assist its clients in achieving their stated development objectives on time, within budget and with the agreed level of quality. AMBIO identifies and develops unique and innovative concepts, which are market driven, and based on cutting edge design and planning principles and techniques.

AMBIO’s diverse operations allow the company to maintain a broad base of experienced professionals in many consulting disciplines and specializations. The Company is strongly committed to the continuous development of its people, celebrating individual and collective growth and achievements.

These qualities enable the company to provide integrated and comprehensive business development services and solutions.