Case Studies

Lighting and energy saving study for the upgrade of the public street lighting in the Municipality of Lokroi.

Contractor AMBIO S.A.
Project Description

Preparatory actions for the participation of ENERGY PLUS LTD in a future tender for the upgrade of the existing street lighting network in the Municipality of Lokroi. These actions include the necessary energy saving and lighting study including recommendations for the appropriate LED replacements in order to achieve the required reduction in the energy consumption. Detailed mapping of the existing lighting network was completed in order to determine the existing energy consumption and state of the lighting equipment. A feasibility study, as well as, a techno-economical presentation of the results was also included in the study.

Location Municipality of Lokroi, Prefecture of Phthiotis, Greece.
Ambio's services
  • Mapping and listing of the existing Municipal lighting network (Luminaires and Distribution boards).
  • Cross-reference of the distribution boards with the street lighting equipment.
  • Development of a digital log of the mapping data.
  • Evaluation of the suggested interventions (Street classification, lighting studies).
  • Budget estimation.
  • Techno-economical presentation of the suggested interventions.
  • Conduct of energy saving study.
Funding scheme -
Phase Completed