Conceptual Design of the New Varvakeios Market


Case Studies

Conceptual Design of the New Varvakeios Market

Contractor Central Markets and Fishery Organizations (CMFO SA)
Project Description

The object of the project of restoration and modernization study of Varvakeios Agora of Athens and its square is:

The full and detailed surveying of the current situation, the creation of the folder Varvakeios Agora, and the study of foreign experience of developing municipal markets.

The determination, the preliminary concept of the project, the analysis and evaluation of all parameters of market development.

The cost approach of the project, the preliminary feasibility study as well as impact assessment in market area.

The formation of project development program, through which investigated the ways of implementation and financing, and the necessary actions to be taken.

Location Central Market (Varvakeios agora)
Ambio's services

Technical Report recording of the current situation.

Preliminary study of project’s perception. Includes a description of the alternative scenarios examined and the results of the evaluation and cost estimate for the final scenario.

Τechnical and financial evaluation prefeasibility study

Program study for the project development and funding sources

Funding scheme Athens Local Authority
Funding Body Central Markets and Fishery Organizations (CMFO SA)
Phase Completed