HIMIOFoTS – A large scale integrated infrastructure for the management of the national water resources

HIMIOFoTS stands for the Hellenic Integrated Marine Inland water Observing, Forecasting and Offshore Technology System. AMBIO has undertaken the promotion of this infrastructure in order to facilitate national policies. Moreover, AMBIO’s goal is to inform companies that can benefit from its uses.


The HIMIOFoTs project aims to create an integrated infrastructure for the management of the Greek national water resources. It also aims to establish coordination and build synergies. The cooperation is necessary between the institutes and laboratories of the marine environment and inland waters in Greece. The scientific community and the society expect integrated services from this infrastructure.


The main objective of HIMIOFoTS is to provide open access to data from marine and inland waters monitoring networks as well as to related forecasting products that may lead to the development of added value products and services. Furthermore, the accessibility to the HIMIOFoTS infrastructure’s nodes is expected to provide the opportunity to the research and academic institutions for the design and implementation of related research activities.


HIMIOFoTs is a large-scale national infrastructure. It aims to apply an interdisciplinary management approach through the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and techniques. Also, it includes innovative solutions in order to support the sustainable development and the provision of relevant services to the society. HIMIOFoTS creates an attractive environment for the further development of the marine and inland water research and technology, and promotes the excellence and the innovation.

Recently, HCMR and AMBIO SA hosted an online meeting. The purpose of the meeting was the presentation of the products and services of the Marine component. The presentation was made to targeted users, to enable them record proposals for the improvement of existing products and services. Also, the goal was to jointly explore the possibility of developing new products and services.