Development Plan for the Greek Economy – Interim Report

The Pissaridis Committee presented the roadmap for the development plan of the Greek economy, during a teleconference. The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, chaired the teleconference.

The financial plan submitted by the Committee envisages, among other things, assistance to the unemployed for reintegration into the labor market. Also, it included tax incentives for investments in listed Greek companies and incentives for mergers and acquisitions of companies. Finally, it included the acceleration of justice procedures for cases of significant economic interest.

The Pissaridis Committee’s development plan for the Greek economy is expected to take its final form in autumn. Then, there will be greater clarity about the Recovery Fund. Greece will receive some money in order to deal with the consequences of the health crisis.

As Mr. Mitsotakis stressed, the main goal, among other things, is to increase productivity and labor.


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