BlueMed Conference 2021

A Conference about Blue Growth & Innovation in the Mediterrenean Area: practices, results and strategies

The BlueMed Conference 2021 about Blue Growth and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area will take place between 22-24 February 2021.

What is the BlueMed Inititative

To explain what the BlueMed Initiative is about: it was jointly developed and agreed between Cyprus, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain. It facilitated with the support of the European Commission in 2014. So, BlueMed has hence the opportunity to act on both sides of the Mediterranean. Its role is to promote Euro-Mediterranean collaboration, and foster Blue Growth-related research and innovation activities.

The Mediterranean Sea is a crucial crossroad for the history, economy, culture of Europe, Middle East and North African countries. Many different interests depend on its resources, and the development of a coordinated plan. This plan is for a shared, coherent an sustainable management is of paramount importance.

Moreover, crucial issues like plastic pollution need to be tackled together by all Mediterranean countries. They all need to pool relevant knowledge and people both from research and from the socio-political arena.

The BlueMed Initiative, launched in 2014, addresses these challenges, working on all the relevant levels. Together with stimulating pan-Mediterranean network-building and coordinating thematic platforms. To clarify, the co-building of a shared Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, the subsequent goals prioritisation and the development of their Implementation Plans, as well as the outcomes of the Pilot Initiative for a Healthy, Plastic-free Mediterranean Sea, of the Start Up Actions and of the Ambassadors’ Programme are the most mature achievements of the BlueMed work and will be presented during the conference.

The BlueMed Conference 2021

The event will focus on the most relevant outcomes of the BlueMed CSA.

After intense collaborative work, the Mediterranean countries will showcase the process and results of the Pilot Initiative for a Healthy, Plastic-free Mediterranean Sea to tackle the marine litter issue. The voices of the BlueMed Pilot National Hubs and of key stakeholders will present this unique success story and envisage its future.

The BlueMed solid and widely participated cooperation process among countries led first to a co-owned Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and then to the endorsement of the Implementation Plan. These tools serve future activities: the executives will present the Strategic Joint Actions during the conference.

The BlueMed StartUp Actions, which worked on different topics but all encompassing the BlueMed perspective, will engage in a conversation and present their feasibility studies.

The BlueMed Young Ambassadors will share their experiences and reflections. In addition, they will engage in a dialogue with their colleagues from other Basins. Their aim will be to build future common paths, in the co-responsibility spirit of the One Planet-One Ocean approach.

The event will be organised in a lively and engaging way, making use of devoted tools to favour the active participation
of all the attendees.

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