AMBIO sponsors the 3rd Conference of Geographic Information Systems

With a full corporate presence, AMBIO, sponsored the 3rd Conference of Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis in Agriculture and the Environment. The convention was organized by the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, and was held at the green premises of the Conference Center of the Museum of Agriculture, on 11-13 December 2019.

AMBIO participated through different communication channels such as exhibition kiosk and delivery of corporate material. The company delivered its expertise through the presentation of its Senior Consultant in Sectoral Activities Division, Ms. Eva Pasakalidou, titled “Geographic Information Systems as a Tool for Marine Spatial Planning”. Specifically, Ms. Pasakalidou presented the unique way AMBIO uses geoinformatics for the establishment of Aquaculture Management Areas (AMA’s), in Greece, according to current legislation framework (Special Framework for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development for Aquaculture).

Also, AMBIO’s team of experts had produced a scientific poster that pictured through texts, maps and detailed visualization all GIS methodology the company uses, in real case studies. The poster was uploaded at a special exhibition area where Ms. Lina Xanthopoulou, AMBIO’s Spatial Planning and Development Consultant, replied to any questions visitors had, regarding the use and the importance of GIS technology in marine spatial planning.

“We have been providing GIS outcomes through our in-house highly specialized experts and we have been more than happy to talk about this experience with all piers. The organization of specialized events that bring academia, public institutions and the business community, under the same roof, are vital for the exchange of know-how and the initiation of important synergies”, says AMBIO’s CEO, Mr. Filippos Petridis.

AMBIO’s highly experienced, in-house, GIS team develops models, scripts and tailor-made applications, providing integrated novel solutions in all AMBIO’s market fields.