Aquaculture International Conference

CEO, Filippos Petridis, main speaker on ACI’s European Fish Mariculture Conference 2020

AMBIO continues its agenda of functioning as a consultant for the international fish farming community including spreading any latest news on Greek aquaculture. That happened in the most recent aquaculture conference in London.

Specifically, AMBIO’s CEO, Mr. Filippos Petridis, participated as a main speaker on ACI’s European Fish Mariculture Conference 2020 a two – day convention which took place in London, UK, and gathered a very exclusive group of some of the most important members of the sector, globally.

Moreover, through his presentation titled “Aquaculture & Spatial Planning developments in Greece: The effect on restructuring aquaculture” Mr. Petridis analyzed one of the latest developments on Greek aquaculture, the concept of the Allocated Zones for Aquaculture, AZAs.

Mr. Petridis presented a full analysis of the policy and regulation procedure followed in Greece. Also, he included the current developments, regarding aquaculture spatial planning and the restructuring of the Greek aquaculture sector. In addition, he explained the process, tools and methodology of establishing AZAs, using specific case studies. To do so, he included analysis and assessment of criteria, which raised high interest among the audience.

«Global occasions, like ACI’s European Fish Mariculture Conference 2020 are great opportunities to promote the dynamic Greek fish farming market. This market includes multiple opportunities for business and investment”, said Mr. Petridis in the aquaculture conference.

It is important to mention that AMBIO specialises on the full process of establishing an AZA and has collaborated with the largest investment groups, in Greece, undertaking such projects.

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