Vision of a Green School, Study Presentation

The study presentation “VISION OF A GREEN SCHOOL”, for the energy upgrade of the building and the bioclimatic redesign of the schoolyard of the 2nd Primary School, Kanallaki, Municipality of Parga, was held with great success, on Friday 14/10/22 in the multipurpose hall of the 2nd Primary School of Kanallaki, Municipality of Parga.

AMBIO S.A. facing the challenges of sustainable development and implementing the social responsibility policy, which is a strategic objective of our company, prepared the study free of charge, responding to the initiative of the school’s director, Ms. Eleni Koliofoti.

The study concerns the assessment and description of the necessary interventions for the energy upgrade of the 2nd Primary School of Kanallaki, Municipality of Parga, as well as the bioclimatic upgrade of its schoolyard. The strategy of the interventions regarding the school building, based on simulation programs, aims to reduce energy consumption and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions, through the improvement of the energy efficiency of the building and the use of renewable energy sources. The actions regarding the building are the upgrade of the heating system, the replacement of the window frames, the ╬╣installation of external insulation, and LED lighting as well as the use of photovoltaic systems. The result of these interventions could be the complete energy autonomy of the school.

The schoolyard’s design is based on international examples and best practices, and revolves around the concepts of community, accessibility, inclusion and education. It aims towards the overall quality upgrade of the schoolyard by applying the principles of environmental and bioclimatic design of outdoor spaces, the creation of thermal and visual comfort conditions, the aesthetic and functional upgrade as well as the sustainable character of the school. This is achieved through the transformation of the courtyard of the 2nd Kanallaki Primary School into a garden of Mediterranean flora, with vegetable gardens and outdoor classrooms, through the upgrade of sports facilities and the installation of ecological and accessible play- equipment. Indicative fields of intervention are the floors, the shading systems, the urban equipment, the landscaping and the introduction of new uses which redefine the value and contribution of the schoolyard to the educational process.