The GLOBALG.A.P. Tour Athens 2023

The GLOBALG.A.P. Tour, an event that highlighted significant concerns in sustainable agriculture and food production with the aid of clean, renewable energy, was successfully hosted by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) in Athens on March 17, 2019. The conference focused on major challenges as well as best practices from a local and international perspective, particularly in the post-pandemic setting. The event’s main objective was to provide transparency and information flow on the major changes that came into effect regarding the GLOBALG.A.P. certification. The Greek agricultural sector is about to undergo substantial changes as it strives for sustainability and waste reduction while overcoming issues related to the post-pandemic/energy crisis.

AMBIO’s CEO, Mr. Filippos Petridis, participated as a speaker in the session «Requirements and Developments in Aquaculture Certification». Mr. Petridis talked about the benefits of GLOBALG.A.P. certification, how it improves product quality, sustainability and viability of a business, working conditions, risk management, compliance with regulations and legal framework. When it comes to aquaculture farms, Mr. Petridis highlighted the contribution of certification to the protection of the aquatic environment as it requires farms to implement rigorous controls and preventive measures against pollution.