“SWOT analysis report onfisheries, pointing out the sectoral priorities over the programming period 2021-2027, within the framework of the project “PROVISION OF SERVICES FOR THE OPERATIONAL PLAN FISHERIES & SEA 2014-2020”.

In this project the possibilities, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the sector of fisheries were analysed. Additionally, the needs of the sector in Greece were identified, including marine basins. The analysis covered all sub-sectors such as, marine fisheries, inland waters, aquaculture, product processing, marketing, infrastructure, etc. The project was concluded in June 2021.

In order to design the Operational Programme for Fisheries and Maritime 2021-2027, emphasis was given on the Directions of the National Development Strategy aiming to implement the Union’s policy objectives, as referred to Article 4 of the Regulation proposal (EU) “Laying down common provisions”, based on the priorities and specific objectives set out in Annex II proposal for Regulation (EU) on the European Maritime, Fisheries & Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF).

The main component of the report is the analysis of advantages – strengths, weaknesses – disadvantages, prospects – opportunities, as well as, threats and risks faced by the sector of fisheries. Also, it includes the identified Strengths and Weaknesses such as, the internal conditions linked to the level of development which are characterised as the sector’s advantages and disadvantages respectively. Finally, examination of prospects (opportunities) and Threats was conducted exploring the current and future conditions that have (or will have) a positive or negative effect on the development of the Fisheries Sector.