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impeding Our Own Success

The Greek government’s plan for economic recovery and resilience, Greece 2.0, has set clear goals for limiting the impact of the Covid-19 crisis and increasing growth through job opportunities and improving economic and social resilience. However, the process of defining Allocated Zones for Aquaculture (ΑΖΑs) in the country’s aquaculture sector has been painfully slow, with only six out of 25 ΑΖΑs approved so far. This lack of progress has held back investment in infrastructure and high value-added products, and has had a negative impact on the national economy. It seems that local opposition and self-interest among various stakeholders and local authorities have caused the delays, which do not take into account the majority of local communities and the benefits they could gain from the development of the aquaculture industry.

Read the whole article by Mr. Filippos Petridis, CEO of AMBIO S.A. published in on 22/12/22