Evaluation of On Growing and Nursery Facilities of Blue Waters LLC


Case Studies

Evaluation of On Growing and Nursery Facilities of Blue Waters LLC

Contractor AMBIO S.A.
Project Description

A technical audit was carried out for BLUE WATERS LLC’s on growing facility with annual capacity of 3.000 tones, a nursery facility of 9.6 mn juveniles per annum and all supportive facilities and equipment.

The existing state of facilities and equipment and the production processes applied, has been recorded and evaluated and corrective actions were proposed.

Additionally, the potential expansion of activity and increase of production capacity of both nursery and on growing units were also evaluated and justified by a business plan.

The project was designed in three phases, as follows:

Phase 1: Data collection.

Phase 2: On – site visit

Phase 3: Compilation of technical report.

Location Quriyat and Al-Bustan area in OMAN state
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For Nursery facilities

  • Identification of current nursery’s state including production capacity, equipment, machinery and procedures of operation.
  • Evaluation of infrastructure and equipment for achieving the production targets
  • Review the sourcing of juveniles in terms of process, quality and health.
  • Evaluation of production process, including stocking densities, management practices and quality control exercised in nursery operation and management.
  • Evaluation of nursery feeding methods and live feed production systems.
  • Review of bio-security protocols applied in identifying source of eggs/ larvae, methods of assessing sanitary status and testing procedures applied.
  • Review of health management practices applied in nursery.
  • Evaluation of manpower requirement to optimize the cost of production.
  • Evaluation of production cost and feasibility of operation

For On – growing facilities

  • Review of environmental and agro-climatic parameters of the area.
  • Underwater inspection of mooring lines and sediment with ROV
  • Review of the fish growth pattern and identification of any significant seasonal variations in the growth and survival of sea breams.
  • Review of the quality of feed used, feed program, feed storage and handling, method used in calculation of feed rations, method of feeding, wastages etc.
  • Evaluation of sampling methods employed.
  • Evaluation of appropriateness of health management practices.
  • Evaluation of the status and appropriateness of tools and equipment and improvement proposal
  • Evaluation of fish stocking and harvesting management
  • Evaluation of fish transport and packing management
  • Evaluation of manpower requirement to optimize the cost of production

Evaluation on the cost of production and feasibility of operation

Funding scheme -
Phase Completed