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Consulting services regarding the energy saving and upgrade of the street lighting network in the Municipality of Alimos.

Contractor AMBIO S.A.
Project Description

The project aims to reduce the energy consumption by upgrading the existing state of street lighting in the Municipality of Alimos. A detailed mapping of the existing lighting network was conducted in order to determine energy consumption. Hence, the appropriate LED replacements were recommended, aiming to reduce energy consumption and therefore annual energy costs of Alimos Municipality.

A review of the available funding sources that could be utilized, was also conducted with AMBIO producing all relevant documents and necessary procedures for an international tender.

Location Alimos Municipality, Prefecture of Attica, Athens
Ambio's services
  • Mapping and listing of the existing street lighting network
  • Determination of the levels of energy consumption of the existing network
  • Review of the available funding sources
  • Preparation of the necessary tender documents
Funding scheme -
Phase Completed


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