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Greek aquaculture: Greek Fish is a Major Export Competitor

The Greek aquaculture sector is facing issues in terms of growth and competitiveness, according to Mr. Filippos Petridis, CEO of AMBIO Developing Consultants. The war in Ukraine and its consequences have disrupted international trade in numerous sectors, including aquaculture. In response, the EU is taking steps to support the sector through a compensation scheme and resources from the National Recovery & Resilience Plan. The new Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Programme (EMFAF) for the programming period 2021-2027 has already been approved by the European Commission, with a total budget of €519.64 million in public expenditure, of which €130 million allocated to support Aquaculture and Processing.

However, there is a paradox where aid for aquaculture from the National Recovery & Resilience Plan covers only small and medium-sized enterprises leaving out the “large” and individual operations. This raises questions about whether major organizations require assistance in organizing their processing and storage infrastructure in order to face the challenges of the future more effectively.

Greek fish sales in 2021 reached 131,250 tonnes, worth €636 million, representing a 7% increase in volume and almost 10% in value compared to the previous year. Sea bream and sea bass account for 96% of the sector’s production and exports were up by 9% in volume and value, amounting to 100,361 tonnes, worth €499 million. Italy, Spain, and France collectively accounted for 58% of the demand for Greek-farmed fish.

Despite increased competition, average prices for both primary marketing species have improved, generating positive results for the majority of companies in the industry. The sector also focused on investments to promote sustainable aquaculture practices and reduce its environmental impact, but production costs have increased by 25% due to the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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