AMBIO successfully completes aquaculture project in Oman

Ambio had undertaken the project after international bid

AMBIO successfully accomplished its collaboration with Blue Waters LLC, an aquaculture corporation based in the Sultanate of Oman.

The contract included a wide range of services which AMBIO covered through its long and deep experience in the sector.

Only to name a few, among other things, AMBIO’s services included review of production capacity, evaluation of marine infrastructure and equipment, evaluation of production process, review of health management practices. Furthermore, a complete analysis on future expansion at its nursery and the development of a net loft and a packaging unit, was carried out.

“AMBIO has always been working with Organizations in the Middle East, such as Blue Waters, as part of our international business development, since we share common knowledge and vision for a sustainable aquaculture sector”, says AMBIO CEO, Mr. Filippos Petridis.

It is important to mention that Blue Water LLC (BWL), is a fully owned subsidiary of Oman Aquaculture Development Company (OADC) that was formed in February 2016. OADC was established by Oman Investment Fund (OIF), Oman’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Wealth (MAFW).