Case Studies

Strategic Spatial Planning to Establish Aquaculture Management Areas (A.M.A.)

Contractor AMBIO S.A.
Project Description

The project aims to establish of A.M.A. in the marine areas of Echinades Islets and Etoloakarnania. The project was designed in two phases, as follows:

Phase 1: Current state assessment and proposals formulation for the establishment of the A.M.A.

Phase 2: Data collection, processing and recording for the preparation and submission of the required studies accompanying the request for the establishment of the A.M.A.

Location Islets of Echinades & Etoloakarnanias’ west coasts, Region of Western Greece & Ionian Islands, Greece.
Ambio's services

Spatial planning for sea and land based facilities.
Proposed production planning and regional planning guidelines analysis.
Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment.
Compilation of Business Plan.
Establishing of legal entity to operate the zone.

Funding scheme EU Operational Programme “Fisheries 2007-2013”.
Funding EU Operational Programme “Fisheries 2007-2013”.
Phase Completed